Who has perfect communication?  Name one person you know who communicates perfectly.  Do “they” exist?  I have yet to find any human being who can speak complete truth within every second of every breath.

BUT GET THIS…  Eventually, I found someone  who can.  Yeah… seriously.  This person has lived like you and I, has walked the same earth you and I have ventured, has breathed the same air you and I inhale, AND has experienced every pain you and I fall into.  He is real and He is my inspiration.  I write because He is right.  My blog is an expression of what I learn form Him.

My name is Daniel Paul Hageman.  You can call me Daniel, Danny, or maybe even Dan (that’s what I use at the counter). Either way, I am a human being like you and I, and I am equal to you.  I am not smarter than you, I don’t have more “spiritual gifts” than you, and I am not the say all of what life is about and… in my opinion, I am not any more worthy of living or communicating about anything in life… period.

I can only capable of communicating asymmetrically.  I strive to be who I was created to be and I only hope to inspire you to do the same.  You are special and I want to learn from you.




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