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Lets face it, everyone has something they wish they could do better: maybe you want to stop smoking, actually follow a diet, stop gambling, workout on a regular basis, quit drinking or doing drugs, etc.  Don’t you wish there was a scientific method for controlling every area of your willpower and squashing your so-called “sins”???  Alcoholics have AA, and with the exception to organized religion, Alcoholics Anonymous probably represents the largest program ever conducted to improve self-control.  Don’t you wish there were methods like that for the rest of your problems???  What about other issues like dieting and exercise?  Do we have to go to a new 12-step program for each of our dilemmas?

There are more answers out there than you may think and even recently there have been some major scientific breakthroughs on how anyone, including you, can become boss of your self-control… and I want to show you how.

Psychologists have discovered that willpower, like a muscle, becomes fatigued from overuse but can also be strengthened over long term through exercise.  Since major scientists, such as Roy F. Baumeister, first demonstrated the existence of willpower, it has become one of the most intensively studied topics in social science.

First, let me tell you how I developed the desire to master self-control.

Through these scientific studies, there have been many aspects of organized religion that point towards success in improving self-control.  Think about it:  if you are truly afraid of burning in the fiery pits of Hell, you are going to vigorously strive to abstain from “sinning.” But what if you are not interested in faith or religion?

Well, as a man of faith, I have spent many days trying to douse the fire of my own personal “sins.”  Although, I have been successful in weeding out many areas, there have always been (just like anyone, religious or not) major stumbling blocks.  This is where I have to admit that many times the church may fall short in counseling certain areas of willpower.  If a Christian is struggling with a drinking problem, there is a Christian version of Alcoholics Anonymous they can be referred to.  But what about dieting, compulsive spending and borrowing, impulsive violence, underachievement in school, procrastination, etc.  Many times the church will default to, “you just need to pray more.”  From there, many people of faith spend their lives living in fear of ending up in lakes of fire because they can’t control their so-called “sins!!!”  In my book that just does not cut it.  If there is a God, there must be answers.  The baffling reality… there are.

Over my next couple of blogs, I will spill the truth on controlling willpower.  These are methods that secular scientists have recently discovered and they are easy enough for any person to apply, regardless of your religious beliefs.  I have decided to blog about my findings because these methods are seriously beneficial. I want to ingrain them in my personal life and incorporate them in lesson plans for my students.  So, if you decide to follow along it will be great to have you on this journey.  If not, I hope you never stop striving to persevere through your trails and become the best you can be.  Either way, good luck to you.