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Here I am sitting with my friends in an Italian restaurant as our waiter approaches: An elderly gentlemen, probably double our senior, salty combed-back hair and a well-kept beard. He appeared to be somewhat put together and experienced.

The issue: It seemed like waiting on us was the equivalent to carrying a ball and chain. His eyes were glued to the wall and his face couldn’t form a smile if his life depended on it.

I don’t think our waiter’s actions were the result of a bad day or a recent family disaster. There was something deeper…

Is it possible our waiter has been working in the food industry for the past 30 years, first starting out in fast-food and slowly working up to mediocre cuisine hoping to finally have escaped the hideous task of waiting on these darn “kids!” ??? Trust me, if you would have only seen the look on his face…

Don’t get me wrong, elderly people who work common jobs fascinate me! Especially, if I happen to be their customer.  I DO NOT look down on or question their abilities. Maybe they have lived successful wealthy lives and simply want to work a little in their retirement to stay active. It is not my place to judge but sometimes I wonder…

Why wasn’t he at home with his family after a fruitful day at the office, reclining with a glass of wine, pondering how to adjust his investments or where to vacation next?

What went wrong: Did his business venture fall through the cracks? Was he a struggling artist? Did he drop out of college determined to find peace through experimental drugs??? Whatever it was, he was not pleased to be WAITING on my friends and me.

I could picture him conjuring the possibilities he would take if he could only be our age again… if he only had a second chance???

The outcome of our lives are only known by One, our Creator.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow or this next second for all that matters.  I really did not mean for this to turn into one of those motivational, finger wagging, “get your life together!” speeches…  but the bottom line is can we afford to waste any time???

“When I’m at the pearly gates, this will be on my video tape, my video tape…” Those famous lines from the song Videotape by Thom Yorke raise a very impromptu point:

What will be on your video tape?

Maybe you don’t believe in a God but what will people on this earth remember you for after you are gone?  I have often heard the words, “I don’t need to take life seriously YET” because “I am too young” and “I have years to waste…”  And maybe you do. AND maybe you don’t. Besides you only have one life to live anyway so why even consider that gamble???  Change the world, INFECT it with what you do best.  Come up with a strategic plan for your life, take risks, get close to the edge and take a look at the unimaginable.