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So you think you’ve discovered your vision, huh???   If not, read my previous post.

Congratulations!  If you have truly discovered your vision then you have surpassed the majority of the population and accomplished the first step towards doing something valuable with your life.

Now what???

It would be nice if just having the vision in our mind were enough but your vision is not going to grow by itself.  You need a plan!  Having a plan provides the steps necessary to accomplish your vision and ultimately help take the weight off of YOUR shoulders!

Here are 4 easy steps to help you make your vision a reality:

1) Make it tangible:  Write it down.  Yes, simply just write it down.  Get it out of your head and onto something you can see.  Not only will this help you solidify that blob of thought in your head but it will also act as a motivator.  Being able to physically see your vision will release your creative juices.  Don’t just write it in a notebook and tuck it away somewhere.  Write it where you can see it every day.  Tape it to your mirror or put a daily reminder in your smart phone calendar with your vision as the title.  Every time you see it, allow your brain to ponder it… come up with ideas for it… and get creative with how you can accomplish it!  All the answers to your vision will not evolve in one sitting.  Soak in your vision and allow it to grow!

2) Determine the end goal:  You might have already answered this in step #1.  For example, your vision might be something like this: Starting a non-profit shelter geared towards rescuing abused animals and finding them new owners.  That IS a vision with an end goal built in (the best kind really).  But, if your vision is: To help animals.  Then you have not ultimately established how you want to go about helping animals.  Figure out the actual act that you will perform to accomplish your vision.  Do you want to open an animal shelter, provide doggy-day-care, raise money for an animal shelter, or create an animal rights activist group equipped to conquer the world!!??  It’s your vision so the sky is the limit!

3) Put cream in the middle!:  What is an Oreo without the heavenly delicious cream filling???  You have both of the cookies and you are prepared to dunk but you got no cream! (Don’t even to tell me you are one of those freaks who doesn’t like the cream) Cookie one is where you are now in life.  Cookie two is the end goal you just established in step #2.  Now, you need to conjure how you are going to get from cookie one to cookie two.  Grab another sheet of paper.  On the top of the paper write “TODAY.” At the bottom, write out your entire END GOAL. In the middle, write all of the objectives that would keep you from walking out the door today and carrying out your vision in full.  Lets go back to our animal non-profit:  Do you know what it takes to establish a non-profit within the legal guidelines of your state?  Are you going to turn your house into a stinky animal shelter or do you need a building?  It’s OK if your initial cream filling is just a bunch of problems and not steps. But eventually, you need to turn those problems into actions.  Go for the Double Stuf Oreos!

4) Get feedback:  I cannot stress this step enough!  And some of you still won’t do it!  Now that you have got your end goal and objectives written down, you are ready to bounce your ideas off someone else.  This in not only the most important step but it is also the most enjoyable.  Schedule a meeting with someone who is an expert with what your vision encompasses.  For our animal shelter entrepreneur, you might want to meet with a veterinarian or an ethologist.  This is your time to sit down with someone who specializes in your passion!  You get to pick their brain and mooch off of their wisdom and experience!  This meeting will also provide some clarity for your cream filling.  You might even find someone who has a building they’ve wanted to contribute towards a good cause.  Who knows, you might even get financial support or a partnership!  Remember, the most important contribution you can receive is their experience and wisdom.  So, be grateful they were willing to meet with you and be astute and ready to take notes (trust me, they will be flattered that you want to write down what they’ve said).

Remember, your vision won’t happen over night.  Besides, where’s the fun in that???  Take joy in the process of watching your vision grow from an idea to a reality.  Think of it as a seed that needs to be watered and given light.  The reward of seeing something that YOU came up with flourish… priceless.