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The world’s greatest Leaders accomplish tasks because they’re highly motivated by vision!  Take vision away from a leader and you cut out their heart!

When you were a child, you dreamed of becoming Bat Man or America’s Next Top Model…  By the time junior high came around, you developed a set of so-called “life-conquering talents” that would certainly make you millions! After high school graduation, a small percent of your graduating class had truly found a vision for their life (or mistakenly thought they had), the majority moved onto college with a small voice taunting what the heck are you going to do with the rest of your life???

Nobody likes the feeling of not knowing why they belong.

Do you think Martin Luther King realized he had a “dream” when he was a child?  Probably not.  King experienced life, went through numerous trials, and eventually dug deep down inside to overcome those trials.  He created a personal vision for his life.  That vision changed the world…

Search for it passionately.  If you were born with a true knowledge of your vision, great!  The majority of us sweat when pondering “what could I pursue for the REST OF MY LIFE and never get tired of? … BECAUSE. It. Is. My Motivation!”

Consult your Creator: The book of Psalms proclaims that your “book” was written before you were even born!  That means you have to go no further than your prayer closet to find your vision.  WARNING: What you hear might not be what you thought you would hear.  It would be great if we could get all of our prayer requests answered exactly the way we want them, and wrapped in a bow. The reality is our brains are to small to truly comprehend our purpose.  You should inquire whether or not you’ve asked God to unveil HIS vision for your life, or if you’re asking God to fulfill a man-made plan that YOU came up with.  If you’re brave enough to follow, God will never lead you astray… even if what you first hear from Him doesn’t make sense (In my opinion, that’s the best kind).

When I was young, I aspired to be a rock star. I wanted to travel around the world in a band and play drums for millions of people to see (AKA worship).  I thought I had my “vision” all figured out.  I moved to LA and followed that “vision” for several years. There was a problem.  I was too self-centered to care about the true calling on my life and instead, I replaced it with the worldly vision of being praised through rock stardom.  The only rock I hit was rock-bottom!  After hitting an all-time low, I finally realized I was missing the most important ingredient in my life: GOD!  My eyes were opened to the FACT that God put me on this earth for a reason.  I followed that vision and my potential was expanded far beyond the comprehension of my puny human brain.

I have not only become a more impact-full musician, but also a teacher, studio technician, and live music producer!  In fact, I just produced a rock show at the Red Sox baseball stadium in Boston last weekend!  AND, I also played drums in the show!  That event was sparked by a vision conjured over a year ago.  The goal was to put on the first Red Sox sponsored Christian event.  A few nights ago, it became a reality!  And I was a huge part of it!  All glory to God… it was a hit!

Now, I’m onto the next vision.  What are you up to?

Vision comes in all sizes.  You should challenge yourself to have many of them.  My recent en devour with the Red Sox was obviously not my entire reason for living.  It was an accomplishment of a smaller vision within the grandiose bigger picture!  Remember, vision is the fuel that leaders run on.  It’s the energy that creates the action.  It’s the fire that ignites the passion.  The vision for my life is massive!  I will spend my entire life pursuing that vision.  Because of that, it is so important to create many smaller visions along the way to keep my “life vision” thriving! That’s what I accomplished at the Redsox Stadium.

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” stated Dr. King in his famous speech.  Although King’s life was brutally stolen prematurely, his passionate pursuit of his own vision paid off.  Thank God he had the drive to run after it.  What is your drive?  What is your vision?