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Our best work takes place when we enjoy it.

Everyone is capable of pursuing their dream job.  Don’t find yourself jumping at the first “get rich quick” option you see.  Money is not the golden ticket to happiness.  In fact, statistics show that those who pursue money over passion are less successful in the long run.  Waking up every day excited to go to work by living your dream will pay a lot more than just money.  So, how do you obtain your dream job?

The first step is finding something that you love to do so much that you would gladly do it for free. Then, learn to do it so well that people will gladly pay you for your services.

John Maxwell said it best, “following your passion is the key to finding your potential.”  You will not achieve the latter without pursuing the former.

When you are pursuing your passion, your potential runs on a full tank of drive and creativity.  You will have more faith in what you do, you will take more risks, you will have a greater drive to meet accomplishments, your passion will be an instantaneous motivator to others, your stamina will not go unnoticed and you will cause others to want what you have.  You will not only be doing what you love but you will also be generously contributing to the world, and that will put a smile on your face!

How do you get there? Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

1.) Discover your passion!  Write down a list of realistic jobs that you would be thrilled to wake up to every day.  Narrow down the list to your top two and begin brainstorming opportunities.  Read my previous post for more tips on discovering your purpose.

2.) Put money last!  Money and possessions won’t last forever but your personal passion is something you can take to your grave.

3.) Ignore the noise!  You might get some flack from others for not taking that guaranteed “money-maker” opportunity.  It is important to keep your happiness at the forefront of your motivation.

3.) Run the race! Realize that success will not just be handed to you.  Your hard work and dedication with make your job much more satisfying in the long run.

Already employed? Not sure if you are living the dream?  Here are a couple questions to consider:

Does your job feel more like a chore rather than an enjoyment?  Every job will have characteristics that aren’t always “play and no work,” but your job should not feel like a task all of the time.

What percentage of the time would you consider your job to be enjoyable?  90%?  80%?  70%? 50-60%?  If you are 90% or lower you should evaluate your current situation.  Is there anything you can do to adjust your current circumstances?  Sometimes moving to a different department will do the trick.  You need to consider that this is your life!  If you are not happy at your current job then maybe it is time for a change.

“I never did a day’s work in my life.  It was all fun!” -Thomas Edison