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East Coast beaches have their own agenda.  They arrive in coves and pride themselves on massive pebbles that could take over your entire back yard.  These boulders have a mind of their own, forming valleys and creating enticing obstacles leading to adventure or stubbed toes.  Your options are battling the rock or, my choice or drug, residing on a solid haven to admire the never ending tide.   

Regardless, a beach is a beach, and it transports me to a place where I feel nothing but complete.  The endless waters are a sneak peak into my soul and they never fail to bring constant revelation.

This morning, I found myself residing on a beast of a rock in the middle of the shore-line’s crashing surf.  I couldn’t move.  I wast frozen still in the midst of the ocean’s crashing waves.  I was home.  Stories, blogs, and revelations immediately poured into my being.  The air hit my face and revived my body while destroying our game of frisbee.

THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS: I will get back to challenging posts on theology, leadership, and religion but now I want to thank all of you who have faithfully continued to read my blog.  Even though I haven’t posted in OVER A YEAR, you have all come back to read my latest posts and it appears that you have brought your friends with you.  Because of your encouragement, I will continue to post on a regular basis.  BUT,  instead of just reading my posts and keeping quiet, please reply.   That’s all any blogger could ask! Your responses keep me motivated and further the conversation.  I will still answer questions in private through email but the odds are, most readers have the same inquirers.  Regardless, I am glad you stopped by, thanks for reading my “relaxed” post today, and I look forward to sharing deep thoughts with you in the future.