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You walk in through the back of the theater to find the auditorium filled with people
People yearning for the film to begin
There is not one empty seat
There are those who are perched in the isles
Those peeking through the windows, anxious for the start

Tonight’s showing is the film’s debut
But this is no ordinary film
Tonight’s special occasion is the showing of a personal film


It is the film of your life
From start to finish
Every move you have ever made and every thought that has traveled your being

The un-rated version…
Yes, the un-rated version

Your life on display for the whole world to see

Will the audience be please when the projector shuts off?
What will they think of you when it is all over?

Will you be there for the curtain’s close to take a bow?
Or will you have quietly slipped away within the first few minutes?

Everyone will take account for their existence on this earth
Unable to hide any detail
Unable to erase any wrong-doing
Your entire life, from start to finish, every second of your existence out in the open

Where will you be when the curtains close?