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After years of struggling to get away, an older couple jump at the chance to visit the beach.

As they walk along the shore, they observe people engulfed in conversation, lounging around bonfires and enjoy others joyously enthralled in beach sports. It seems to be a river of human experience.

They walk up and down the beach and approach a pier only to decide to stroll upon…

As they are walking out towards the ocean, she can not help herself from describing the scenery,

“Look at the water and the waves. Look how the moon is reflecting on the water and watch the waves as they dance upon each other.”

Her husband enjoyed every word.

To the end of the pier, she just could not stop describing the beauty of nature, exasperating on the ocean, on the moon, on the pier and how they all worked together.

He continued to enjoy her description.

As they approached the end of the pier, they grasped each other and began to swing around. They faced towards the shore and he proclaimed,

“Wow! Look at the beautiful city!”

She pushed him away in slight disgust proclaiming,

“You see, there is the difference between you and I!”

His head tilted in disbelief, unaware that he was giving the data for their differences.

She continued, “Wow, Edison didn’t waste a light bulb on you!”

So he tried to explain,

“I enjoyed it all the way out honey. It’s just that as we turned around, I also enjoyed it in this direction.”

When we are going in the direction that we like, we see the beauty of our wonder and life. If we are forced to turn around… we should not be blinded to the beauty that is also there-in the other direction. We should allow ourselves to be open minded, allow our heart and soul to see the beauty in every turn and twist.

If someone was watching your life right now, would you be a witness of single-mindedness? Or are you living your life in such a way that you are doing nothing wrong, it’s just that you are doing nothing extraordinary? Are you an entrepreneur of every angle this life has to offer?