It is ridiculous that He would look at this motley crew of ordinary human beings and say to them that “the weight of humanity is now entrusted to you. The well being of every human being who will ever walk on this planet is in your hands. Go. You will be my witnesses.”

We have turned ourselves into reporters, trying to ‘report’ the news of what happened 2000 years ago.

Which… by the way… is just not that interesting.

How many of you are trying to get a hold of last weeks newspaper? How many of you make time in your life to read last months newspaper? How many of you have stopped and said to yourself, “I need to read last years newspaper!” How many of you woke up this morning with an ache to know what happened 5 years ago from this day? 10 years ago from this day?

Why in the world do we think that He was telling the chosen that what happened on that day needed to be told for decades, centuries, and millennium?

For some of you, the best evidence that your world lacks spiritual vitality is simply that your world is to small.

When you are living for yourself. When all that you can think about is your wants and your needs and your desires and your flesh…

Then you know that your world is to small.

To many of us put things into categories of good and evil and right or wrong but sometimes I think we miss the point because it is really about less and more.

There is nothing evil about a guy who wakes up in the morning to make sure that he can catch enough fish to feed himself and his family. It is just not enough for a human life.

And in that moment, He was opening their world and saying to them,”I know that you would be satisfied with little but I am calling you to greater things.”

He has not called us to be TV weathermen that simply just report the weather and give description of what happened 2000 years ago. He has called us to be sailors that learn how to capture the wind and be a part of the activity happening in the world today.

We need to be personifying what He is doing now, today, in the present. You are a witness, you are proof of life and that changes everything.