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Have you ever caught yourself telling a white lie just to maintain your status?

“Yeah, I have been a professional gourmet chef for the past five years,” but in reality, McDonald’s happens to be your Sensei.

“Yeah, me and George Clooney go way back,” …but we all know that you were drooling all over yourself when you shook his hand two years ago after you won a 15 minute meet and greet through your local radio station.

“Yeah, I have performed at Carnegie Hall too. I mean, who hasn’t?” Sorry to break it to you, but setting up your guitar case outside of the venue during a Dave Mathew’s band concert forcing people to throw their small change at you in hopes that you might shut up… well, it’s just not the same.

Where does this urge come from? Think about this popular saying: The root of all evil is pride. Is this actually true? Think about it… everything “evil” that you do, even accidentally, must be rooted from some where. You might say, “How dare you say that I could commit an act of evil! I am a good person. I am not evil!” My response to you is this: Have you ever been involved in gossip, told a lie, skipped corners or cheated on a test? These are just a few examples of the “evil” that naturally brews through us. Now you might say that these issues are not that bad… they are certainly not evil. Well they are either good or bad… and they are definitely not good. The dictionary defines evil as “anything morally wrong or bad.”

So, if the root of all evil is pride, then what is the root of all pride? Consider these 3 questions: What causes us to commit acts of pride? Why do we feel the need to stretch the truth? What are we trying to prove?

We feel like we have something to prove because we are not secure with who we are. Pride is rooted in insecurity. If you didn’t feel the need to be a person of status then you wouldn’t have a problem admitting that you work at McDonalds. Nobody really cares if you met Clooney or not. Even if you did, is that really worth lying about? You are who you are, and if you suck at the guitar then don’t be afraid to tell your funny story of how you got hit in the eye with a quarter while trying your cover of “Crash.”

Every single person on the face of this earth is unique in their own way. Not just in looks, but in talents, personality traits, and character. Some people are gifted with great abilities straight from birth and others have to work for years to get even close. The fact is that you are who you are and you can not change that. You should be happy who you are: Short, tall, goofy, serious, blue eyes, brown eyes, great talent, or no talent… YOU ARE ORIGINAL…. and that in itself is beautiful. No matter what anyone else thinks, you need to be the best you can be at BEING YOU.