I mean well. I truly do. In fact, in my first couple of posts I PROMISED to continue to stay faithful to my blogging for the rest of the month and I have not fulfilled. This just reminds me that I am not perfect and only human… but more importantly, I am, once again… human. I must watch every word that comes out of my mouth. If I want to push myself to meet a certain goal, I must realize that it is a goal and has not yet come to fruition. It is OK to say that I will do my best to obtain, but I must be careful to not promise that I will fulfill that which does not yet exist. Even something so simple, a blogging challenge, can overcome those who think that they are more developed beyond that of an internet commune. The point is that, no matter who you think you are, do not count out the option of being stumped my the simple. The world is full of surprises and you never know when you will be the next victim. This has been a blast Thank you all for your communication.

One thing that I have learned, again… is that it is rejuvenating to get my thoughts out. For those of you who wish to continue communicating and expressing minds, I will continue to post when inspiration strikes and I would love to continue to hear your feedback.