Imagine you had a gold coin. A shiny gold coin that makes your mouth perspire exceedingly more than a golden ticket from Willy Wonka himself. You love your gold coin. In fact, you cherish your gold coin because it is the only one that you have. Not only is it the only gold coin that you have but it is all that you have. You have the clothes on your back and your coin, your golden coin.

You could not sell it to buy food. Forth, then you would loose your prized possession. You can not give it away to the poor. You are the poor: All you have is the clothes on your back and a coin. A coin that makes you so rich. It is your gold coin. It is all that you have.

You spend your days guarding your coin, making sure no one has a chance to steal it. You keep it in your chest pocket so that you can be close to it and know where it is at all times. You take it out everyday and admire it’s beauty, caressing it with your hands.

One morning, you reach inside your pocket to retrieve your coin but it is not there. You frantically jump to your feet and check the rest of your pockets but it is no where to be found. You dig in the ground that you slept on in hopes that it had slipped out of your pocket somewhere. It is gone. The one thing that you cherished is gone.

What do you cherish? Is it worth the effort? How would it affect you if you suddenly found it missing?

One day, you will not exist and the earth will not exist. All earthly things will be gone. In the end they are worthless. Why waste your energy on “stuff?” What about souls? …Will those disintegrate as well?

Any Smeagol stereotypes are not welcome 😉

Sorry for the cliche-ness of this post. I am using my cheese card on this one.