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Another vulnerable post by Danny Hageman.

At times I can not even listen to it because it hits too hard. My eyes swell and my heart beats faster. Yet, at the same time I can barely move. I have to turn it off before I crumble… I have to save these pieces of art for just-the-right-moment.

It is built into my DNA and a crucial reason for my existance. I want to hear it all, know it all, and understand it all. I fear what I will not fear in my life time.

By the way, what does the perfect song sound like?

To me, it does not come naturally and I long to be skilled. I envy the naturaly talented but enjoy the satisfaction of the end result hard work brings.

Call me crazy or an extremist but do not judge me. For me, my love is music. For you, business might be your love. You might sing with carpentry or computer smarts. You understand your love, and for me, I have no bias. Whatever it is you do, make beautiful melodies with your forte.