We all die. There is no getting around that… but what happens next? Of course many of you will reply on a basis of personal religious beliefs, but I want to challenge you: Regardless of what you have been taught, what do you truly believe? Do you even know why you believe what you believe? Are your beliefs based on what you heard from some human being shouting from a pulpit… he sounds intensly like he knows what he’s talking about, right?… But where did he get his information? When it all boils down, do you have proof to back up what you believe?

After the countless hours I have spent researching this subject, I can tell you that I truly believe that there is life after death. I believe that there is a heaven and a hell and that every single soul will be judeged on how they lived every waking moment of their lives. This judgement will ultimately determine one’s eternity.

So what is your take on the after life?