A life lived is nothing without a purpose that is greater than life itself. All that I achieve is for the superior good of the life that I will ultimately live with Him, a life eternal. God has given me countless motives and gifts to use on this earth and I want to repay Him for what He has given me in any way that He sees fit. Thus, my goal as an artist is to use the talents, dreams, aspirations, and my personal God-given intricacies to attack the world at a different angle. A perspective that will move, stir and awaken a part of one’s self that is hard to reach: the heart.

God gifted me as an artisan. Everything that I do is in some shape or form an art and everyone should ponder this: A conversation, a walk in the park, everything from cooking a meal to the way one carries themselves in a business meeting. It is all an art. A human can go through life, passive, not taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make everything a beautiful and thought provoking work. Or, one can seize the opportunity to make everything they do a living masterpiece. I choose to live art.

To make the most out of every moment, I need to know how to pull myself out of those times when the world catches you off balance and joys at the chance of pushing you into blindness. Humility is a refuge that I must find at some point in this mess, especially as an artist who strives to make good art and who obviously won’t always succeed. An artist must unpretentiously paint their picture self-effacingly and modest in order to dodge arrogance and pretentiousness.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish art is to make servant-hood a tradition. If an artisan is able to take off their veil and focuses on those around them, God’s art, then they are more likely to produce what they intended to achieve. Ultimately, one must realize that the gift is not ours to keep but ours to give back.

Giving the gift of art back to the ultimate Artist, what does this picture looks like? The subject of my muse is God, but furthermore how does one avoid an artist’s worst nightmare, replicating existing work: What utter horror to find out that the sculpture that you have just completed is already standing in the museum.

To achieve an awakening amongst souls, tasteful originality must prick the bubble of everyday life. I will explode the realm of everyday drone-ness, by leaking creativity through originality on connoisseurs of all sorts, causing their hearts to taste new flavors as if one’s being has suddenly taken flight hovering atop the rest of mankind.

The sentiment of an artist is to follow the God-given dreams that evolve through the continuous cycle of breathe, allowing the powers of invention to fall into existence as they are given birth to. I will not allow myself to get absorbed into the sponge of structure that sits in the dark corner waiting to get close enough to seduce. I am not saying that the Mount Rushmore is not a prominent piece of work, just don’t kill your inkling to add a third eye to Honest Abe’s mid-processing, if the infatuation strikes.

The Lord is full of revelation and will acknowledge obedience to serve by throwing color on the page as He sees fit. One cannot limit themselves from the possible prosperity of a blessing God by setting in stone finalized details. I can only live on the fuel that is currently pumped into my heart. When a new vapor arrives, I must avoid the drugs of the ordinary and allow my pulse to beat to a new rhythm.

As long as my gaze is fixed upon the heavenliest and my spine affixed to triumph the aspirations that consume me, I will pursue the design that is placed in me: The fervor inside to produce the art possessed by God himself.

I will live this art the only way I know how, as an obsession. I will audaciously seek out the training available to conquer my element, only to turn right back around and give the world the substance to fill the hunger. I will not settle for the status of the one standing next to you, for their blessings are their own. Rarity is a must for the pictures being developed. I will not sing the same tune that you heard through the grape vine, but instead hum the sophisticated.

In my prime I will affect you, and I will infect you. I will lure you to a state of purpose, a drive for destiny and a love for your creator. Life is not a casual painting in the works, but constantly beautiful and everything added to it refines. When will God, the ultimate artist, step back and call it a wrap? It could be finished at anytime, and that alone is the most beautiful work of all.