Today, I am amazed at the different lifestyles that we live.  I spent the past couple of days in the desolate state of Arkansas playing groomsman for one of my good friends weddings.  A day before the wedding, I headed to the music store with Heather to pick up the remainder of the sound equipment needed.  I heard one of the most beautiful explanations of one’s desire to live.  Simply put, peace was the theme.  She doesn’t just have a peaceful aura about her, she desires to live in peace… and she does.  Stress is not an option and because of this, she is OK with simplicity because it avoids stress.  The wedding decorations were not to extravagant but not to simple.  They were just right.  The ceremony was not to extravagant but not to simple.  They were just right… perfect in fact.  These recipes equal a peaceful lifestyle, void of chaos and confusion. In fact, their relationship as a whole is one that makes you sit back, take a deep breathe, and genuinely appreciate life… because, IT IS possible to live a beautiful life.

While staying at their new apartment for the weekend, someone of my busy stature (someone who is called to live in the complete opposite of peace), was curious as to what these simple people were going to do with the rest of their lives.  I found the answer on a plaque that contained Heather’s life statement:

With a steadfast and established heart, I will earnestly seek to know Christ and make Him known.  Through that, I will reach the unreached (children) wherever they may be.  Alongside my husband, I will raise my family to care for the widows and the orphans and teach them the height, width, and depth of God’s love for them.  I will instill into their very beings a zeal for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  By the grace given through Christ’s death and reserction, I will live boldly – counting the cost – A life that makes sense in the light of eternity.

– Heather Donnell Chamberlain