So what, I have missed a few days.  It’s not the end of the word.  I  don’t have a problem.  It’s not like I am addicted to missing.  Right?  I am right, am I?   But, I have been out of town…  I was traveling on the road for 16 hours two days ago and I barely had any time to get online.  One of my friends is getting married today and I am a groomsman in his wedding.  This is my first blog… EVER!  I have legitimate excuses right?  Somebody tell me that I am right… please…???  Oh my… maybe I am in denial.  Am I afraid of admitting that I have a problem?  Nobody wants to have problems, let alone, admit that they have a problem.  I heard somewhere that the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Maybe I just need to face up to the fact that I have a problem, own up to it, be a man, and get over it.   It is time for me to enter Blogging Challenge Rehab.  I can do this.  I will get through this and I will make up for what I have missed.  I devote to stay strong and commit to do my best to not miss another day in the Blogging Challenge.  If I do miss a day, and for every day that I have already missed, I will write an additional blog to make up for those days.  I will not be defeated and I will concur my poblems… It’s time to rejoice.  There is hope!  It is time to celebrate that the sun is shining and that I am alive for another day!  It is time to blog!