So, I am technically an hour late.  You must take into consideration that … I am a musician.  A musician’s morning begins after lunch and we don’t go to bed until the sun comes up.  So, can I say that I am in the clear because it’s only really about 9:00pm in my world ;-/

Everyone affects and infects those around them just by breathing.  Yep.  You have to accept it.  You are influencing those around you, changing them and molding them by who you are.  The looks you give, the words you speak, the way you walk and how you dress; these are simple examples of how you are molding those in your culture.  Some more than others.  Some people will see you and pass on by.  Some people will experience you and be changed for better or worse?  It is up to you.  It is up to us to be ourselves, to go against the grain of Hollywood and set the standards.  It is up to us to be the best that we can be.  Not for ourselves but for the kid who looks at you and decides that they want what you’ve got.  What flavor of influence are you pouring into the world?