Have you ever stopped to admire all of the beautiful people that surround you?  Every where you go there are people, not one of them the same.  We are graced with our own stamp of originality: We have our own laugh, smile, sense of humor, taste in clothes, preference of food, ways of expressing love.  It’s time for you to pay recognition to the little things in the souls that consume your day.  Just kick back, relax, and simply watch the first person you see function in their natural way.  You will be surprised at the details that you have missed by getting wrapped up in your routine.  Study one’s simple gestures.  Take “aaww” in all of the little details that the Grand Weaver put into every being created.  If you can truly tap into this magnificence,  their gestures might amaze you, inspire you, make you laugh, make you appreciate those around you more.  There is noting better than soaking up the way one expresses themselves in their true pure realness.  It’s just people being people… and it’s beautiful.